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Type of Program: Citizenship-by-Investment.

Type of Investment:
Donation to the Ministry of Finance, Economy, Budget, Investment in power supply and water treatment. Program under the Authority of the Ministry of Production, Environment, Energy, Industry and Handworkers.

Minimum Investment:
45,000.00 USD for main Applicant (over 18 year old, non-refundable).
20,000.00 USD for main Applicant’s Spouse.
10,000.00 USD for main Applicant’s each child up to 18 year old.
20,000.00 USD for main Applicant’s each child between 18 and 23 year old.

(*) On top of the above amounts additional fees should be applying also as processing fees, legal fees, application fees etc. Please contact us for a Pro-Forma Quotation in this matter.

Dual Nationality Permitted: No restriction.

Personal Visit Required: No

Capital Gains Taxes: No

Personal Income Taxes: No

Business & Corporate Taxes: 10% of net profits.

Documents Required:
1. Application form
2. Ιdentity picture passport format (taken and printed to a professional standard within the last month)
3. Copy of passport and residency visa
4. National identity cards or secondary ID document
5. Birth certificate/record (original or certified true copy less than 3 months) – attested in home country (MANDATORY)
6. Marriage certificate and divorce certificate (original or certified true copy less than 3 months)
7. Police certificate(s) (less than 3 months for each country that you have resided for over 12 months in the past 10 years – for any applicant above 16 years old)
8. Family name and birth name of both parents
9. Residency address (tenancy contract or proof of ownership) & proof of residency (utility bill)
10. Reputed Bank reference letter, attesting the deposit of the total investment amount (MANDATORY)
11. Medical Certificate (less than 3 months) (optional)

Processing Time: 1 – 2 months.

Passport Validity: 5 years.

Restricted Countries: Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran

Visa Free Travel: Approximately 45 countries.

Sample Documents

Citizenship certificate sample

Citizenship certificate sample

Citizenship certificate sample

Comoros Passport Sample

Comoros passport cover

Comoros passport cover